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Zvimba Rural District Council (ZRDC) is located in Natural Region 2a with rainfall pattern ranging between 750mm to 1000mm. The main agricultural activities are horticulture, fish and crocodile farming and Eco-tourism. The major crops grown in the district are maize, cotton, tobacco, soya beans and vegetables. Zvimba is also endowed with mineral resources such as gold, platinum, chrome and copper since the great Dyke cuts across the District.

The District shares a border with Harare Metropolitan Province. Consequently it has capitalized on this location through the provision and development potential in housing, industrial and commercial development. With a population of 245 489 (ZIMSTAT 2012) Zvimba is the second most populous District in Mashonaland West covering 6,275 square kilometres.

The sex distribution of the population is males 122 562 compared to females 122 927 to make a total of 245 489. Zvimba District is one of the seven districts that form the Mashonaland West Province. The district lies in the south-eastern part of the province sharing borders with the Harare Metropolitan Province.

The district’s main small urban centres - are Murombedzi Growth Point (which houses council’s Head Office), Banket, Nyabira, Raffingora, Mount Hampden, Trelawney, Mutorashanga, Mapinga and Darwendale.

Fig 2:-Mashonaland West Provincial map showing districts

Zvimba Rural District Council is in one of Zimbabwe’s richest areas in terms of natural conditions (Region 2a) suited to high-value agricultural activities and exploitation of mineral resources such as gold, platinum, chrome and copper. Zvimba Rural District Council’s service delivery models and performance, like for other Councils depend on national institutional arrangements.

zvimba district

Fig 3:-Zvimba District Map.

For specific service areas (water, sanitation, roads, energy, health, housing and education) the arrangements reflect the extent of decentralization where central government institutions are directly involved. Despite this institutional multiplicity Zvimba Rural District Councilretains the responsibility to develop its area through sound planning, implementation and management of services. As such, the capacity of a Council (Councillors, staff and citizens/residents) matters.

Our Vision

To have an empowered, healthy and well serviced community by 2030.

Our Mission

To promote and facilitate sustainable rural development for the well being of inhabitants, clients and stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Professionalism: Staff members of Zvimba Rural District Council shall adhere to their professional code of conduct and ethics in performance of their duties. Zvimba Rutral District Council staff shall provide fair treatment to all clients irrespective of gender, religion, race, ability or ethnic background.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Staff members shall be open when discharging their services and be expected to be respectful and to be answerable for their actions and in actions.
  • Responsiveness: Staff members shall be responsive to the expectations and needs of the clients and communities in a timely manner
  • Teamwork and commitment: Staff members shall work together as responsible and loyal members of the corporate family.

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