Mission Statement

To provide adequate socio-economic infrastructure, manage social safety nets and co-ordinate disaster risk reduction awareness programs in the district.

Overall Functions

  • Establishment and management of health and educational facilities.
  • To formulate, implement and monitor the department’s budget.
  • Coordinate, supervise and monitor the operations of development partners in the district.
  • Support and supervision of Health centres and staff.
  • Establishment and management of social amenities.
  • To recommend grants or donations to charitable organizations and other social clubs as per council’s budget.
  • Promotion of cultural and traditional activities, music and art
  • Capacity building and awareness creation on public health issues.
  • Formulation and establishment of disaster risk reduction committees at various levels in communities.


• Co-ordination of non-governmental departments within the district

• Registration of clinics

• Monitoring activities implemented by non-governmental organisations

• Administration of council clinics and health centres

• Promotion and implementation of education and health programs

• Maintenance and control of section budget

• Routine inspection of business premises.

• Water quality monitoring.

As social service we are working with various implementing partners  such as Pamuhacha, Zvandiri, Total Transformation of Change, Chiedza child care, Kapnek among others. They play a pivotal role to ‘promote/facilitate sustainable rural development for the well-being of the inhabitants or stakeholders. WASH-Water and Sanitation-Hygiene Programme WASH is also operating in the District, boreholes are drilled and toilets are built in every ward under WASH to facilitate and champion the provision of sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene facilities for Zvimba communities with stakeholder participation. The overall goal of the WASH and projects is to improve the standard of living for communities in Zvimba focusing on the promotion of sustainable WASH services, gender equity and social inclusion through effectively strengthening the effectiveness of and access to the delivery of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) service. We are now targeting to have the analysis of all water points in the district in order to improve the quality of water for the betterment of the society.


Toilet designed with a ramp for the blind.


A Borehole in Zvimba District Ward 33


Toilet designed for those on wheel-chairs.



• All our clinics now have Otto way pits and we are now on an advanced stage to introduce incinerators to make sure all refuse is burnt.

•We are looking forward to officially open Arda Sisi clinic.

• All clinics receive 1000 grants each for maintaining clinic day to day running. We recently commissioned an ECD Units at St Mannocks Primary School which is in line with the new curriculum. The Defence Forces are also playing a pivotal role in the Socio-economic development of our communities.