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  • To purchase, hire, construct or otherwise acquire movable or immovable property as may be required by council for any purposes of the council
  • To provide, layout, adorn and maintain any open space under the control of the council.
  • To provide and manage land under the control of the council and operate parks, facilities for recreation, swimming or other sports, bathing, camping and caravanning
  • To provide, inside or outside the council area, show grounds and connected facilities
  • To plant, cultivate, trim or remove trees or shrubs on land under the control of the council and to trim or remove roots or branches which interfere with services and other works of the council.
  • To take measures for the conservation or improvement of natural resources.
  • To provide means for the control, extinguishing and prevention of bush fires
  • To provide for fencing of public or common land and for the maintenance and repair of such fences
  • To cultivate and farm land owned by the council which is not required for other purposes.
  • To permit the grazing of stock on land under the control of the council.
  • To enter into land and clear such land free from any growing or standing crop, vegetable, rubbish or other offensive or unwholesome matter or thing which is being or has been cultivated, grown or accumulated on the land which is likely to constitute a fire hazard or a danger to public health or to the natural resources of the council area with the consent of the State or owner
  • To provide stock pens and dip tanks inside or outside the council area and to operate them.
  • To provide, inside or outside the council area, and operate public slaughter-houses, cold storage chambers and depots for the inspection of game and other carcasses.
  • To provide, let, sell inside or outside the council area, and operate facilities for the inspection, grading, storage and treatment of agricultural produce and to undertake any service for improving the marketing of such produce
  • To hold any licences or permits in terms of Liquor Act [Chapter 14:14] and the Traditional Beer Act [Chapter 14:26] and to engage in any activity authorized by such licences or permits such as the manufacture and sell of the drink commonly known as mahewu or maheu
  • To hire or acquire vehicles, plant, machinery and equipment for the purpose of carrying out any function conferred or imposed on the council by relevant statutes
  • To provide and maintain roads, bridges, canals, reservoirs, dams, water courses, furrows and culverts subject to any other law and to name roads and streets
  • To provide and maintain parking places for motor vehicles on land acquired or specifically set aside for the purpose
  • To establish, acquire, contract for, maintain and carry on within the council area a service of omnibuses for the carriage of passengers and parcels and services connected.
  • To provide and regulate suitable and adequate accommodation and facilities for cooking and washing
  • To prohibit and regulate the use of underground rooms for human habilitation or occupation.
  • To protect, secure, repair, alter, renovate, maintain, close or demolish building or works which are dangerous, unhealthy and dilapidated.
  • To regulate, inspect, supervise and license churches, public places of worship, hospitals, colleges, schools and universities, recreational facilities and other public places.
  • To regulate the provision of firefighting equipment in buildings with more than one or more storeys and provision of suitable and adequate fire escapes.
  • To regulate the numbering and renumbering of premises and buildings and impose duties and obligation to the owners and occupiers.
  • To plan and construct movable or immovable structures such as sewers, drainage works, swimming pools, walls, fences, masts, temporal platforms, grandstands and other structures above or below ground.
  • To locate, situate and identify sites for boundaries or beacons and sites upon which buildings are constructed or area to be constructed.
  • To prohibit the construction of any building without plans, specifications and structural calculations approved by the Council.
  • To regulate the nature, design, appearance, height, ventilation, area, lighting and cubic content of buildings and several parts thereof general according to where they are located or situated.
  • To ensure the provision of sustainable sanitation facilities.
  • To ensure the provision of suitable and adequate supplies of water.
  • To regulate the excavation of land prior to construction of buildings and the erection of supports and earth works for the stability of buildings and convenient disposal of rain water from a site.
  • To regulate encroachment on, over or under, and interference with, roads or public places during building operations.
  • To inspect and test materials used for the construction of buildings and of work performed or being performed in the construction of buildings.
  • To determine buildings and classes of buildings which shall be subject to prohibition and control temporary structures and regulate the construction and retention of temporary structures
  • To prohibit the use or occupation of buildings or any part of buildings prior to completion to the satisfaction of the council.
  • To ensure the completion of all commenced construction works on buildings.
  • To regulate the erection, lighting and use of scaffolding, hoarding or protective devices during the construction, repair, or demolitions of any building.
  • To administer by laws relating to the construction, maintenance, or use of buildings may be restored.
  • To regulate the situation, location, construction, maintenance and protection of all buildings, monuments, masts and other structures whether of a permanent or temporary nature in the Council area or any portion thereof.
  • To monitor and impose fees for works done in vicinity of roads.
  • To construct, repair and maintain schools, clinics and other social amenities.
  • To provide donations towards religious services, commemorations, celebrations, conferences, congress, entertainments and functions of a civic public to the public.
  • To pay to councillors and to members of any committee a monthly personal allowance at a rate fixed by the council not exceeding such sum as may be prescribed in regulations in respect of the whole of any period of leave of absence from the council or committee as the case may be, which exceeds a continuous period of thirty days, in circumstances where any resolution of the council prohibits such payment of acting allowances.
  • To pay acting allowance, travelling and subsistence allowance to the person who will be acting in any capacity and to the person invited for interviews as prescribed by the Minister and regulations.
  • To induct councillors and employees to equip them with knowledge of how to perform some certain duties.
  • To incur costs in the representation of the council at any congress or conference and subscribe to relevant associates.
  • To ensure all council properties and employees against losses, damages, risks or liabilities the council may incur.
  • To award honouraria and adopt a coat of arms which may be altered from time to time and determine the use thereof.

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